igus® is excited to provide free parts kits, including igubal® spherical bearings and a DryLin® linear guide system, to all Rube Goldberg teams.

Questions? Contact Anna Antkowiak Despeisses at webmaster@igus.comIn the kit, you will receive:

igubal® pillow blocks and flange bearings
igubal spherical bearings are maintenance-free and weigh only a fifth of traditional metallic bearings. These bearings are a popular choice among students since they are self-aligning and lightweight. Use igubal spherical bearings for any pivoting movement your machine has to perform.

DryLin® S aluminum shafting
DryLin® S aluminum shafting is lightweight, highly wear-resistant and delivers three times the life of steel when running against the proper bearing material. DryLin® S is the perfect partner for the igubal® spherical bearings also included in your kit.

DryLin® N linear guide system
DryLin N low-profile linear guides are an oil-free alternative to bulky, messy ball bearings. DyLin N has a small mounting height and width, which is perfect when dealing with space constraints on your machine. Use DyLin N to facilitate any linear movement your machine has to perform.


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